Episode Rewind: Geeky Pet Gifts

ICYMI: This week’s show was all about techie and geeky gifts for our fur kids (or for the parents of fur kids).  Listen now and use the handy-dandy guide below to snag the loot we explored on the show.

From Amy Tokic of www.petguide.com (check out her full 15 gadget list)dogtek

Dogteck Eyenimal
— spy gear for your pets!!  Watch where they go, what they do…and then upload it to the Interwebs!

playdate-smart-ballPlaydate remote controlled ball — Play with your dog while you are at work (your boss won’t mind, right?) and then have even more video to share on Facebook!


Furbo treat launcher — particularly good for small and shy pets — you can toss your pup a treat while you are away.  And, if you are like me and have in-depth convos with your furballs, you’ll really love the 2-way audio and video cam!

q1-part5-iphone1Petkit’s Smart Pet Leash — It’s a leash. It’s a fitness tracker. It’s a phone ring notifier (yes, apparently that IS a thing — and a cool thing, too!).

communicator-poop-bagBest for last…STAR TREK PET GEAR!!!! — yes, I squeed, too, it’s okay.  Seriously, if you love me, get my pets anything on from collection and I will love you even more than I already do. Honestly — everyone needs a Communicator Poop Bag Dispenser.

From Kristen Levine of www.kristenlevine.com:

calmz-anxiety-relief-system-for-dogsCalmz — it’s a high tech anxiety relief system that vets LOVE!  We are testing these soon with Ullr & Penny — and we are so excited!!

omron-blood-pressure-monitor-wrist-cuffOmron Blood Pressure Monitor — made for humans…works for pets!  Make sure to consult with your vet first so you have it properly configured.

petplan-smartphone-app-for-claim-submissionsPet Insurance Apps from Petplan & Healthy Paws  (as well as Figo, which wasn’t mentioned on the show) — a gift for yourself!! Unfortunately, Penny’s insurance doesn’t have an app (Petfirst), but Ullr, Houdini and Taz are covered by these apps that help you file your pet’s claims and get paid in a jiffy!

From Marci Koski of www.felinebehaviorsolutions.com

engaserEngaser laser toy — rechargeable laser for cats!  Drive your cat into a laser-hunting-induced craze while protecting the planet with this USB charging toy.

kittyoKittyo — a WiFi pet cam specifically for cats!  Take the 2-way audio and video treat dispensers out there for “pets” and add special sounds (like twittering birds) and a laser pointer, and you’ve got a cat’s favorite new toy!

sureflap_website_imageSureflap — a collection of pawsome products linked to their microchip so no collar needed. A feeder that only opens for a specific cat (keep other pets from sneaking tastes — we are all looking at you, Penny the Boston Terror) and pet doors that only let pets with authorized microchips in and out.

pawtrack-1Pawtrack — a GPS collar designed specifically for cats. Not for children. Not for dogs. Cats and cats only, buddy.  And it’s WiFi enabled when at home to cut down on battery drain!

kitty-litter-buttonAmazon Dash Button — kitty litter & other pet products on demand.  We use Arm & Hammer at our home, so this is gonna get a LOT of use!

thermo-kitty-fashion-splash-1K&H Thermo-Kitty Splash Heated Cat Mat — there are lots of heated pet mats out there, but what makes this one special is that it is designed to only heat up when your cat is on it.

Lorien’s own favorite gift ideas:

yoda-and-chewbaka-micePetco Star Wars collection — I’d recommend the plush squeaker toys, the rope pulls or the clothing options…and the ridiculously cute cat toys (Yoda & Chewie mice!!) — but stay away from the stick toys, especially if you have an active chewer.

harry-potterEtsy pet collars — if there is a rabid fan base for a TV show, movie, book, or comic series…Etsy probably has a pet collar for it (probably with a matching leash, and even an ID tag).  Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, super heros, Harry Potter…it’s all there.

avengers-portraitFOTO2ART Pet Portraits — this is my favorite find.  This Australian artist will take your pet’s photo and morph it into a fabulous, geeky portrait from all of your geeky favorite.  I’m torn between on of Penny on the Iron Throne or a fur-family portrait in Avengers gear.

— from Dog is Good.  Affordable, perfect for just about everyone — this is a gadget that I’ve used for over a year on a few different phones and I LOVE it!

PetHub Digital ID TagsPetHub IDs & Collars — it’s at the bottom of this list, but should be the top of yours.  These ID tags and collars link to a free online profile for your pet and are the best ID tag money can buy.

And again, if you want to listen to the show and hear from the experts on why these are the paw-somest gifts you can find, click here.