Episode Rewind: Fantastic Apps That Benefit Pets and Pet Parents

ICYMI: This week’s show was all about smartphone apps and web tools to help us care for our fur kids.  Listen now and use the handy-dandy guide below to learn more about the apps and web tools we explored on the show.

Pet Sitting and Dog Walking:


trusted-housesitters-websiteHelps you find a qualified pet/house sitter who will look after your furry companion and home while you’re away. The best part of this service is that the sitter watches your pet for free! 


rover-appRover for Android Rover for iPhone

Connect to a large network of pet sitters who will provide a variety services such as boarding, house sitting, dog walking, and more. Ullr loved his pet sitter from Rover so much, we were almost afraid he would never come home!



doggy-vacay-appDogVacay for Android  DogVacay for iPhone

A lot like Rover, this app helps you find enthusiastic local pet sitters while getting some extra perks for booking a reservation such as premium pet insurance, 24/7 customer support, and daily photo updates.

Pet Sitters International:  


Does the idea of Rover & DogVacay not feel safe and reliable enough for you? If you are looking for a certified, licensed and bonded pet sitting professional, Pet Sitter International (PSI) can help you find a one in your area. Though most of these sitters tend to cost a bit more than those on the previous two apps, you get the peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional sitter.



Wag for Android  Wag for iPhone

Think “Uber for Dog Walking” and you pretty much know how this app works.  The Wag app will help you snag a qualified dog walker on the fly to ensure your pup is well exercised. Plus, you’ll get a map of where your pup walked with his WagWalker!

Virtual Vets:


whiskerdocs-pocket-pet-appWhiskerDocs for iPhone 

Do you ever have a question that you aren’t sure warrants a trip to the vet? Then a “virtual vet” service might be a perfect place to start.  WhiskerDocs’s Pocket Vet app is a virtual veterinary service with phone, chat & email services, as well as a terrific online database of commonly asked questions.

Pet Coach:  

pet-coach-appPet Coach for Android Pet Coach for iPhone

A website and app that allows you to chat with a vet any time and any where, Pet Coach also has an extensive online information library.



Another great site that allows you to chat with a vet and view several articles and pages regarding pet health.

Pet Medical Records:


paw-print-appPawPrint for Android Paw Print for iPhone

Perfect for pet parents who have used multiple vets, or routinely need vaccination or medical records for groomers and kennels, electronic medical record lockers are a great resource.  PawPrint retrieves your pet’s records from your vet so you can access it any time, anywhere through your smartphone.

Vitus Vet

Vitus Vet for Androidvitusvet-app  Vitus Vet for iPhone

The Vitus Vet app does the same thing as the PawPrint app; however, Vitus Vet has a few extra features such as giving reminders on when your pet is due to see the vet.

Pet Safety:


Poison Control for Androidapcc-by-aspca-app  Poison Control for iPhone

Pup eat a bag of oreos?  Kitty start chewing on your new plant? We have the purrfect app for you (and all pet parents). This Poison Control Center app helps you quickly identify substances that can be harmful to your pet from the ASPCA, a trusted source for pet safety.


roadie-appRoadie for iPhone  Roadie for Android 

Perhaps you are stuck at work and need to get your pet to a vet visit (hey, it could happen).  Maybe you need to transfer your pet from one city to another as you drive the Uhaul.  Roadie might be the perfect solution for you: “Get your pet sent to where it needs to go whenever and wherever for cheap.”

Dog Vision

dog-vision-appDog Vision for iPhone  Dog Vision for Android

Did you know that dogs see in limited colors?  When you say, “Go get your red ball,” they actually can’t tell the difference between their red ball and their blue ball.  This clever app let’s you take a peek at the world from your dog’s perspective by converting pictures to a dog’s color palette.

Pet Photography & Social Media


barkcam-appBarkCam for iPhones BarkCam for Android

This simple app plays a distracting every day sound to grab your dog’s attention and then immediately takes a photo just before she loses attention. The app comes with several different sounds to use to keep your dog interested. It even has a key jingle sound that gets my stubborn Penny to look up.


dogly-appDogly for Android Dogly for iPhone

It’s like Instagram, but solely focuses on dogs. Users earn loves rather than likes. Dogly sends a generous $500 donation every month to a user’s local shelter if the user earns the most loves in a month.


snapseed-app  SnapSeed for Android 

This app is like a mini version of Photoshop. You can apply filters, adjust levels, blur photo elements, and even crop images…all from your smart phone.


canvaCanva for iPhones

This site and app allows you to quickly create professional looking visual content. It provides you access to several templates, stock graphics and photos you can then use to make a stunning design.

Just Fur Fun:


petfinder-appPetfinder for Android Petfinder for iPhone

An amazing app that helps you find adoptable pets. It also gives you the ability to share pets with friends and family through email, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Does the Dog Die:

does-the-dog-die-appDoes the Dog Die for Android 

If you can’t stand seeing a animal being killed or injured in a movie then this app is for you. This app will warn you if the movie you’re considering watching has an animal that dies or gets injured.


cheezeburger-appCheezburger for iPhone Cheezburger for Android

Connects you to hilarious images, gifs, and videos from several popular internet meme sites such as Memebase and I Can Has Cheezburger?

Map My Dog Walk

map-my-dog-walk-appMap My Dog Walk for Android Map My Dog Walk for iPhone 

Allows you map your dog walking route, find routes to try out, set fitness goals, and more.

PetHub 🙂

pethub-appPetHub for Android PetHub for iPhone 


An excellent app that provides helpful articles on pet safety and of course links you to the latest articles and podcasts here on Pet Lover Geek.

Have a pawsome app that you love to use that we missed?  Tell us about it in the comment section and we’ll check it out!