Episode Rewind: A Few of Our Favorite Things: The Best Pet Tech of 2016 & Where to Find It

We wrapped up 2016 with a geek-out session about some of our favorite pet tech from 2016. Lots of toys, some safety stuff and a whole bunch of pet nerd awesomeness, you can listen along while you check out our episode rewind:

Pet Toys, Games, and Devices

Clever Pet:


A game that your dog can play by himself to earn treats. The game gets more challenging the more time your dog engages with the Clever Pet.



Another game your dog can play by herself. Just like Clever Pet the game gets more challenging the more your dog engages with the toy. However, this game, sends the pet parents an alert that their dog beat the challenge and prompts them to reward their dog a treat. It also keeps stats on your dog’s learning progression.

iFetch (Top) & iFetch Frenzy (Bottom):


Have a ball obsessed pup? Does your arm get tired with the constant tossing?  This is a device that can be safely used inside and outside that launches a ball 10 to 30 feet for your dog to go fetch. Your dog will then have to learn to drop the ball into the iFetch for it to launch it again. The iFetch Frenzy, unlike the iFetch rolls out the ball randomly from one of the three chutes. 



A camera device that allows you check on your pet during the day. It also contains two-way audio so you can hear and speak to your pet, as well as, entertain them with a laser you can control from your mobile device (yes, you can drive your kitty wild with “kill the red dot” even when you are not at home!). 

SUCK UK Cat Scratcher:


Let’s face it, most scratching posts for cats are ugly, boring, carpet covered monstrosities.  Or, they are equally boring cardboard things.  SUCK UK has the answer — scratch-post creations that entertain you (human) AND the cat.  Your kitty can lay down some sick DJ moves on their own turn-table, could rip their own cardboard “laptop” to shreds or take cover in a cardboard pink Caddy.



Like Skype, this device allows you to call and interact with your pet. If you get the PawCall accessory, your pet can even call you!



A GPS tracking device that can alert you when your pet leaves your home area. If your dog does leave the area you can track him down before he ends up completely lost. Just be sure to keep the battery charged at all times. Otherwise you won’t be able to track your dog at all.



The PitPatPet monitors your dog’s activity and fitness levels…think “FitBit for dogs.” Their free app has a ton specialized fitness plans to match your pup’s breed — how cool is that?



Just like the PitPatPet, the WonderWoof monitors your dog’s activity levels. However, it has additional features such as setting up social meetups with other pets and pet parents and reminders to feed or groom your pup. Plus…it looks like a bow-tie and has bonus “tie connectors” that can change up the look instantly — who doesn’t love a pooch in a bow-tie?!?

GoPro Fetch (Dog Harness):


The GoPro Fetch harness enables you to mount your GoPro on your dog. You can then see what shenanigans your dog gets into while you’re away. The harness can comfortably be attached on the back and chest of your dog. Check out the harness in action in this video of a free roaming farm dog.



This device is like the GoPro Fetch harness; however, it’s a little less invasive to your pet as it attaches to your pet’s collar and it’s an actual camera. The cool thing about the eyenimal is that it can also be attached to a cat. Now you can see all the places your kitty sneaks off to when you’re not looking.

Litter Robot:


A self-automated litter box that cleans itself, prevents you from scooping nasty cat poop, and reduces horrendous litter box odors. This product is rather pricey but the investment will allow you to use less litter since the litter robot filters clean litter. It will also prevent you from tending to the litter box frequently, as it only requires you to throw away the cat poop every 3-4 days. Who knows, maybe in the future litter robot will be able to hook up to your plumbing system where you won’t have to deal with any nasty cat poop at all?

Subscription Boxes:

Paw Pals with Annie:


Get awesome pet products monthly with this subscription box. Unlike other pet subscription boxes this one does not auto-renew your subscription, so you are not left scratching your head the next month trying to figure out why you were charged $30. Paw Pals with Annie subscription box is a bit eco-friendly too with the reusable totes they send the goods in.

Bark Box:


A subscription box company that is reliable and has been in business longer than other pet subscription box companies. Like all the other pet subscription boxes, they send treats and toys once every month.

Good Dog in a Box:


Unlike most pet subscription boxes that send you treats and toys, this pet subscription box sends you training equipment and resources to help you train your dog. The goal of this company is to keep you and your fur kids happy as well as continuing to grow a healthy bond.

Loot Pets:


A subscription box that sends you geeky apparel, treats, and toys. Past boxes contained a star trek dog shirt, a Harley Quinn Squeaking Plush Mallet Pull Toy, and Mach-3 Munchies Dog Treats. You just don’t know what exciting geek stuff you will get for your pet each month. Penny gets her first box this month — woohoo!