5 Geeky Ways To Spoil Your Fur Kids!

So I have to admit, my dogs are spoiled. And I mean they sleep under the covers, each get their own pillow, and we bought a king sized bed so our dogs could have more room. So, yeah….kind of spoiled. And let’s not even get started with how I’ve seen the PLG host, Lorien, spoil her four fur-balls!

Now don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with a pet-loving (spoiling) lifestyle. Some people might call us obsessed, but hey, you spend thousands of dollars on human babies, so we think it is only fair that we, pet parents, spend loads of money on our fur kids.

Here at Pet Lover Geek, we are always looking for more ways to spoil our pets. The look on their faces when they receive a new treat, a new toy, or when they get to go on a new adventure, fills us with so much joy! But here’s the thing, as much as we LOVE checking out the latest, greatest tech toys and products for our pets, sometimes the fur balls prefer the simpler things in life. You know, the cat loves the box that the new high-tech enrichment toy came in more than they like the actual toy.

So here we have curated a list of some of our favorite simple ways (with a touch of geek flair because we just can’t help ourselves!) that you can spoil your fur kids, too!


1) BarkBox

Ok this one is easy — and even though it is a super-modern, internet-driven thing — it really is crazy simple to do. I signed up my two girls for BarkBox a few months back. I had known several people who had a subscription for their pets, but I figured I buy them enough toys and treats that they wouldn’t need more. First off, that’s wrong. They always need more, am I right?!? Secondly, once we subscribed to BarkBox, I realized I wasn’t buying as many random toys and treats anymore. The quality of stuff you get in the box each month is amazing and their customer service is bar-none the best I have ever experienced. Plus each month is a new geeky theme which just makes it even better!

Side note: The Pet Lover Geek team also tried out the Loot Crate for Pets monthly mailer, and unfortunately, we can’t recommend it.  Though the themes were amazing and totally geeky-riffic, the quality of the treats and toys were not up to our standards. Most of the treats had ingredients we would not give to our pups, and several of the toys fell apart after one short play session.  

2) Take Them For A Ride

I can tell you that as soon as the words, “Who wants to…” comes out of our mouths, our dogs go crazy because they know what’s coming. We unlock the car, let them out the door, and they run to the backseat doors and their little butts wiggle in anticipation, waiting for us to let them in. As soon as those back windows roll down, two of the happiest, smiling pupper faces you have ever seen appear. Dogs are easy. They don’t ask for much. But I know ours feel like royalty when they go for a ride and stick their faces in the fresh air! Bonus if you’ve got the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack blaring on your road-trip!

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention how important it is to keep your puppers safe on your adventures. Our favorite products are those that are pet travel products that have been certified by the Center for Pet Safety, like the Sleepypod Click-it safety harnesses. Those we KNOW pooches just love hanging their heads out and roaming free in the back of your ride, it just isn’t safe!  Make sure, too, to always have a reliable collar and current pet ID (we cannot recommend a PetHub Digital ID tag enough!) on your pets at all times, especially when you are hitting the road.

3) Doggy Massage

Ok, some of you may think I’m crazy, but bear with me here. The first time I saw an ad for dog massages at our vet, I am pretty sure I laughed out loud. Our dogs would never in a million years lay still enough for someone to give them a good Swedish. But I got curious, and that night, as my 80lb chocolate lab was laying on my lap, I started massaging her neck. She loved it. I massaged behind her ears, her chest, her shoulders; and she soaked it all up. It was the funniest, but also one of the sweetest, things I have seen. Now she still would not lay on some table and let someone else do this, but we regularly give her massages now and she loves it! If you want to really geek out on canine rub-downs, there are a ton of great books out there to guide you. Canine massage is so beneficial for your pups — and you’ll love the sessions, too — promise!


4) Make Them A Fancy Meal

This is one of my favorite things to do. I combine all sorts of yummy ingredients and make the girls these fancy plates. Steak with some carrots & green beans, some diced apple, and maybe even a little yogurt and pumpkin “gravy”. This usually turns them into leaky faucets (my favorite). If you do this, make sure that you are using dog safe foods & spices! Now, to show your true pet-lover-geekiness, of course, you should serve the feast in a nerd-worthy dish — our favorite dog bowl is the Star Trek uniform bowl — and you can find a slew of nerd-worthy bowls on Zazzle.


5) Buy (Or Make) A High-QualityPet Bed

Now as I said earlier, our dogs sleep in bed with us at night. Two 70+ pound animals with two normal sized humans is a circus. However, when we aren’t sleeping, our dogs need a place to lay. Now I would be lying if I said they didn’t lay on the couches and chairs most of the time, but we have 2 really nice beds for them as well, one inside and one outside. They love their beds, and as a crazy dog mom, if they can’t be up on the couch, it makes me feel better that they are still comfy in a dog bed rather than on the cold hard floor. It’s a tough life as a dog.

Taz & Houdini NEED this!

Now, here at Pet Lover Geek HQ, we have our hearts set on building THIS Tardis heaven for Lorien’s cats.  Trust me, you can get LOST on Pinterest looking up geeky DIY pet bed creations.  If we had endless time and resources,  we would love to build a Hobbit-hole like this for the cats.  There are also quite a few luscious nerd-worthy beds you can purchase, Lorien’s favorite being the Star Trek Captain’s chair bed. We also really dig Darma Dog and Karma Cat beds — they are super stylish, with just a touch of geeky wonderfulness.  And…if you have fish, it is a must that you build this Lego Quidditch field in their tank

There are countless other ways that you can (and I know you do) spoil your dogs. These are just some of our favorite ways to make sure that our pets are showered with a ridiculous amount of love and affection. Now go bake your dog some homemade treats and rub their paws. It’s a dog-gone hard life being a pupper!


Written By: Samantha Sinko
Pet Lover Geek Lead Blogger