is Our New Favorite Thing!!

Sometimes you find a new thing, and it is SO cool, so fabulous…you just have to immediately share it with everyone you know.  NOW — be warned — this new website is crazy dangerous for pet lovers. My hubster checked it out two days ago and was moments away from bringing a new dog in our home after playing with this website — and we have 4 fur balls already and zero plans for bringing in more!  So, proceed with caution.

This wonderous new site is called and it was built to solve a HUGE problem — helping people re-home their beloved dogs and cats without surrendering them to a local shelter. Let’s face it, even though we wish that every time a new pet came into a home it was with that family for ever, sometimes life throws us a complication that makes that impossible.  Pet parents pass away, have grave medical issues, must move to a place where they cannot bring their pet, and sometimes a personality conflict among pets develops and it is the best for the animals involved to be in separate homes.  There are a whole SLEW of potential scenarios that lead to the need to re-home a pet, and, until now, there were very few options other than surrendering a pet to the local shelter — and this is often the worst thing for the pet.

Photo from a U.S. shelter I visited in 2017.

I’ve seen the enormity of this problem firsthand: over the years, while on the road for my “day job” PetHub, I have seen numerous signs posted in shelters warning people to not surrender their pets because of over-crowding.  Sometimes, pets that are surrendered at an overcrowded shelter are euthanized immediately, even if they are the sweetest, most “adoptable” dog or cat ever.  Why? Because there simply isn’t room for them, and other animals entering the shelter due to suspected abuse or stray/lost pet situations have legal “hold” times the shelter must follow so the legal pet owners can have a chance to reclaim their animals.  “Dumping” animals in a shelter might seem like a good option for someone who can no longer care for their pet, but for many animals, it is a death sentence. Millions of pets are surrendered annually every year, and millions are euthanized. It’s devastating and completely unnecessary.

Angela Marcus, co-founder of, used to work in a high-traffic shelter in Philadelphia, and faced this dilemma day in and day out.   She and her team built this new service to help facilitate re-homing of animals outside of the traditional constructs of pet adoption, shelters and rescues.  I had the pleasure of interviewing her for an upcoming episode of Pet Lover Geek, and I just can’t wait until the episode airs to share how cool this website is.


  • Person needs to re-home their pet (no judgments on why!!)
    • They list their pet, free of charge, on
    • The website takes over and posts a gorgeous profile on the site
  • A different person is looking for a new pet
    • They browse through the available pets near them (note there IS a fee for the adopter — it ensures that the person adopting the pet is serious and able to afford a pet, and it helps pay for site operations)
    • A PERFECT fur ball catches their eye
    • They start a conversation with the current pet guardian
  • handles every thing
    • The communication is only through the website — this helps protect everyone involved
    • Scheduling is facilitated through the site, as is legal transfer of pet ownership

When I asked Angela how the “traditional brokers” of pet re-homing felt about this new service, she told me the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  Think about it — most shelters are up to their eyeballs in animals that are lost, abused and need a ton of care already — so a service that takes the work of re-homing animals off of their plates is a blessing.  And because Angela comes from the industry, she’s worked hard to make sure their screening process for new adopters is top-notch and backed by incredibly thoughtful precautions to protect the pet and the humans involved in the transaction.

How crazy cute is this dog?!?

If you are looking for a new dog or cat, please stop by first. The interface is easy, the cost is usually going to be less than a local shelter or rescue, too. Oh, and did I mention how many gorgeous pure-bred animals, as well as young (under the age of 1) were on the site??  Seriously, check this site out today.